Submitted by: Mark McCready on 06/17/2015 at 14:58
Julie: first of all, congrats regarding your artistic endeavors, I hope it brings the personal pleasure(s) that I strongly suspect it does...I always thought something would come of you though I wasn't sure what that would be. One of my friends is, like yourself, an exceptionally talented artist, but unlike yourself limits himself to abstracts only... if I may add his best works pale in compassion to your 'A history of days to to come' Thank you for getting so far, I would like to reiterate that seeing you excel as an artist is, personally, a joy to behold.... I wish you all the best, and once again I am genuinely happy to see you have found something of great value in your life...all the best MJM
Submitted by: Cheryl Johnson on 09/17/2013 at 00:22
Very insprational. You are very versatile and prolific. Lovely color and light. Bravo!
Submitted by: Muffie Locke on 07/17/2013 at 17:17
Julie, You art is a mix of wondrous colorful styles. I particularly like how you capture the spirit of your portrait subjects. You've been able to see and paint their soulfulness and their attitude. Thank you.-ML
Submitted by: Rozanne Gates on 04/06/2013 at 10:01
An unexpected encounter with a new artist is always an adventure. Julie, your art is so adventurous and unpredictable and energizing. The colors stay with me all day. Nice resource to have during winter months.
Submitted by: kathleen hagberg on 03/04/2013 at 22:41
your work! when i went to the wilton library to write today i caught a glimpse of heaven, your work, your hands, conduits. and i was blessed. kathleen cannot wait to return tomorrow for more glimpses.
Submitted by: Ellie Rafel St. Denis on 07/04/2012 at 08:26
Julie, Every time I see one of your florals i feel joyful. At first glance they are decorative and beautiful, but on further inspection quite complex with depth and intensity. Just like you!!!
Submitted by: Paul Miller on 01/07/2012 at 10:12
I am blessed to own 2 pieces of Julie's and they remain a blessing to me and my family. Just beautiful and so full of meaning to us all. Thanks and keep painting!
Submitted by: Bob Russell on 04/11/2011 at 08:07
Julie Satinover, Thank you for sharing your gift and talents with us. B
Submitted by: Kelly Curtis on 04/04/2010 at 10:47
Beautiful, Evocative, Nuanced! Well done, Julie. Love, Kelly
Submitted by: Jack Freedman on 12/08/2009 at 18:19
Julie, In speaking to your husband today I found out about your wonderful talents exhibited on your website. Little did I know more than a decade ago when I first met you what a hidden treasure of untapped talent lay in you. My best wishes for continued joy and success with this exciting venture. Regards, Jack Freedman
Submitted by: Robert Baxter on 02/25/2009 at 15:57
Julie, it is Bob and Susan from the beach at Cap Juluca. I'll spend more time looking at your website when we get home next week. Enjoyed talking to you. Hope you have a safe trip home. What is your Mother's name? I got Joyce and didn't get the last name. Bob
Submitted by: Mindy Jeruss on 08/06/2008 at 10:57
Hi Julie, I never knew you were an artist.Just came across your name while looking for something. Remember the fun times on the tennis court. What wonderful paintings, keep up the good work.
Submitted by: Laurie Maggio on 03/18/2008 at 10:37
Hi Julie, Thank you so much for speaking to me last week about art. I am so glad I had the chance to see your work on this site and it is extremely beautiful and inspiring. I hope to see more and I will keep in touch. Thanks, Laurie Maggio
Submitted by: glory victory on 11/26/2007 at 18:44
hello! what's up? nice paintings!
Submitted by: Susan Parsons on 08/20/2006 at 12:13
Hi Julie, your work is gorgeous. Just want to let you and your site visitors know that your paintings are so lovely to look at in person too, perhaps even stronger. I love your color sense. Can't wait to see some more. xoxox Susan
Submitted by: Freida Hecht on 04/27/2006 at 20:07
Julie, your pieces are just wonderful to gaze upon and the vivid colors are so uplifting. Definitely positive energy! Freida
Submitted by: Carmen Warfield on 03/08/2006 at 10:04
Hi Julie! Took a look at your site - paintings are just beautiful! Talk to you soon! Carm
Submitted by: Eliane Satinover on 11/23/2005 at 15:10
Hi Julie, what a nice pleasure looking at your paintings. Just by surfing on the internet your site appeared!! So why not bother and have a look. Keep on doing the good work. It all looks nice. Take care, Eliane
Submitted by: Jeff Lustman on 08/04/2005 at 21:38
Julie: What a treat (after all these years) to stumble over your site while I was looking over Jeff's. Your work is wonderful and the ones of your family dance with love. Great stuff!
Submitted by: Melanie Wallner on 03/30/2005 at 22:15
Well, what can I say? I am so impressed. Are you serious? Only 3 and a half years? That is unbelievable!! You should be so proud. I can't wait to get home and nag my mother to buy one of your pieces for my room. Thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous work, Melanie Wallner
Submitted by: Linda Wallner on 03/30/2005 at 22:13
Today at Canyon Ranch, tomorrow at MOMA. It was a pleasure meeting you and seeing your magnificent art work. Best of luck...let's keep in touch.. Linda Wallner
Submitted by: Lloyd Khaner on 01/11/2005 at 15:26
I forgot to mention my personal favorite in my last entry. "Devotion" is graceful and carries a strong message. No easy feat. Let me know if lithographs ever come available as I am sure the current owner will never part with it. Best, Lloyd
Submitted by: marc satinover on 10/17/2004 at 13:44
Hi Julie, i loved visiting your website anf really enjoyed viewing your paintings from a different perspective. It is quite apparent how talented you are, so please by all means continue your work. i am looking forward to seeing more. Love, Marc.
Submitted by: whitney marshall on 10/03/2004 at 19:12
hey julie! i loved all of these paintings! they're awesome especially the ones i saw u paint! well, hope 2 see u soon! luv ya whit!!!!
Submitted by: Sarah Satinover on 09/24/2004 at 11:56
Hi Mom! Although I personally may be prejudiced, I think it says a lot that each of my five roommates ADORED all of your paintings, including the roommate who works in an art museum and is an art history major. They all wish we oculd have one of them for our common room! Your work is incredible! Love always, SK
Submitted by: Lloyd Khaner on 09/23/2004 at 17:04
Hey Julie. Just taking a look at the latest artwork. As Jack Cassidy said to his then teenage son, David, "you will always be okay in show business son, because you've got talent!" I think old Jack would say the same thing to you, Julie. That is if he was still alive. Your work is very good. I am particularly fond of the florals. Say hi to Jeff and the girls for us. Hope the new College Freshman is doing well. I am sure she is loving it. Best, -Lloyd
Submitted by: Guustaaf Damave on 09/14/2004 at 19:05
As the designer of this web site I have the privilege of entering the first entry in the guest book. I designed this site together with Julie with the objective not to distract from the paintings. Working with these magnificent works and their creator has been a great joy.


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